Showcases and Causes

As those of you reading the blog may know, we have plans in the future to run two different DIE COVERS DIE showcases. One will be for the acoustic acts that have been on the show, which will be at a venue to be determined, while the other will be for the electric/heavy bands. The location for that is the Low Beat (335 Central Ave., Albany NY). However, what some of you may NOT know is that I want to get a charity to pair up with BOTH showcases.

At first I thought we would raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. (After all, it seems to be the “Go to” cause these days because those groups are EVERYWHERE. They are always having “raise money for breast cancer research” walks and so on.) I was going to tie this to the acoustic showcase.

The other cause for the electric showcase was a no brainer: domestic violence. In my opinion, DV is basically just another form of bullying, and anyone who knows me knows I am a super duper heavy advocate in leading the anti-bully charge. My personal take on it: you cannot expect bullying to end unless you empower those who are bullied, get them to believe they don’t DESERVE such treatment. One way to accomplish this is through better physical fitness. It may sound silly, but I know it works first-hand because that’s what getting into better shape did for me. In fact, I have another blog devoted to this topic entirely. Here’s the shameless plug:

I was talking with someone the other day, and they pointed out that both causes are women’s issues. They said I might want variety. Well, the first thing that came to mind: go to the American Cancer Society and raise funds for ALL kinds of cancer, not just the type that strikes women.

Then my friend said, “Well what about a cause that might be related to the age group that would go to your shows?”

In thinking of the newer generation, one abbreviation immediately came to mind: LGBT. If you think about it, each generation that comes along gets more and more open about their sexuality. That is a good thing, but you know what DOESN’T change? The amount of hatred they get for it. I know there is a charity group here in upstate NY that provides support to LGBT youth, but I can’t remember the name of it.

Just this morning, another friend suggested, “What about drunk driving? That isn’t gender or age specific.” It’s on the list now. I like the idea of one cause not being tied to a certain crowd.

I’m secure in picking domestic violence awareness/prevention as one cause. Now I need to just settle on the other.


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I am a podcast originating in Troy, NY. My goal is to wrest control of the music scene away from all the cover bands. Time to bring appreciation for original music back to the area!
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