Episode 24: Die, Covers, Die!!!


For your recording needs, visit Mr. Steve Russ at RMR Services. He has built up a very respectable resume, and he is willing to work with artists on a budget.

We got a semi-special show here for you: ELEVEN tracks instead of the usual ten. I go into why at the end, along with giving you all a special announcement
Bar Stool Orphans, “Window”
Fulton County Family Band, “Run Away”
Last Daze, “Best Bet”
Mod Fiction, “The Right Time”
SubSlab, “When the Stars Die…”
Nicholas N, “The Ground…”
PFT, “Queen Catherine”
Root Word, “Gratified by Fields”
Sly Fox and the Hustlers, “Heart and Soul”
Jeff Lustick, “Swim…”
Duke, “I Am Hot”

About diecoversdie

I am a podcast originating in Troy, NY. My goal is to wrest control of the music scene away from all the cover bands. Time to bring appreciation for original music back to the area!
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