About Steve Grogan



A musician since 1998 and Troy resident for most of his life, Steve is a 38 year old father of four, a writer, a martial artist (he practices wing chun kung fu), a would-be fitness guru (in progress!), creator of this show, and…last but not least…a musician. He has played out as an acoustic act and in several bands. His frustrating experiences with trying to book gigs are what inspired the creation of DIE, COVERS, DIE!!! There are three facets to his music: solo acoustic material, “full band” songs that span a wide variety of genre, and concept album material. Concept album songs are recorded under the moniker Burning Vanity. So far, there is only one such album (THE AGONY OF ECSTASY.) Steve’s one musical wish? To record and fully realize his vision of AGONY before he dies.

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