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Showcases and Causes

As those of you reading the blog may know, we have plans in the future to run two different DIE COVERS DIE showcases. One will be for the acoustic acts that have been on the show, which will be at … Continue reading

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My Own Recording With William F.

I can’t remember the exact day now, but I went over to meet my partner in crime William Fredette to record three of my own songs. They are acoustic tunes; by that I mean they sound fine if the only … Continue reading

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Two More Shows Down

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the recording of two more shows. That is four out of eight, people! Tonight I plan on doing number five. Then on Friday night, I am shooting for the stars: I want to record six, seven, … Continue reading

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Back in the Recording Saddle

Well, after hemming and hawing and whining and delaying, I finally got on the computer to record episode 2 of the podcast last night. You want to know the amazing thing? It took me only a half hour, and it … Continue reading

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The Trolls Are Out

The other day I got an email from a guy who objected to the show being called “Die, Covers, Die.” Why? Because he makes his living from doing covers. Okay…well, so does Erin Harkes, and SHE didn’t get a bug … Continue reading

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Well it has been a crazy time. I have been working on the show behind the scenes…just haven’t had the time to post HERE about it. You see, right now DIE COVERS DIE is a labor of love and, while … Continue reading

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