EPISODE 19: Die, Covers, Die!!!


To get on the show, you need to have an MP3 or Wav recording. If you don’t have any, then please visit our friends of the show at RMR Services. Tell ’em Die Covers Die sent you!

Antecedent, “God Lottery”
Apollo’s Creed, “The Bottom Line”
Fulton County Family Band, “Honky Tonk Blues”
Last Daze, “Fast Turns”
Mod Fiction, “So What”
Sandy McKnight, “Tightwire”
SubSlab, “He’ll Never Belong to You”
ProletKult, “1000 Rabbit…”
Bar Stool Orphans, “Good Bye…”
Like Astronauts, “No Way Out”
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EPISODE 18: Die, Covers, Die!!!


If you want to be on the show, then you need to get yourself some recordings done. Might as well visit my partner Mr. Steve Russ over at RMR Services!

And here is all the social media for the show!
BLOG: diecoversdie.wordpress.com
TWITTER: twitter.com/diecoverdie
Antecedent, “Empty Sky”
Apollo’s Creed, “Dismissed”
Fulton County Family Band, “Hot Blooded Man”
Last Daze, “Nothing But Trouble”
Mod Fiction, “Soporific Sea”
Sandy McKnight, “Plastic Yellow Raincoat”
Shift the Paradigm, “Happy”
SubSlab, “Secrets and Lies”
Superawkward, “Wawa Song”
Like Astronauts, “Best Thing”
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Updates on the Acoustic Showcase

Well, I finally spoke with the people from Out There Entertainment. They handle bookings all over the Capitol Region, but this discussion was related to the Hudson River Coffee House in particular.

And the news?

Consider CRAM on like Donkey Kong!

We are looking at booking a show on Saturday, March 26 with a start time of 7PM. There will be four musicians on the bill, each with a set time of 40 minutes. I have a couple friends in mind already to ask. If they fall through, then I will be expanding the search.


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Episode 16: Die, Covers, Die!!!



As always, head over to RMR Services for your recording needs. Tell ’em Die Covers Die sent you.

If you want to get on the show, then follow these simple rules:
Send an MP3 or WAV files to the show. No other format will be accepted. I will not chase you down to reformat them, nor will I do it myself. If you can’t follow this simple rule, then you also cannot complain that the show seems to feature the same bands over and over.
Do you want to know WHY I play the same bands over and over? Because those are the bands who FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
Anyway, email songs to diecoversdie@gmail.com
Two Guys, “Follow the Mule”
Intelligent Television, “Down”
Mod Fiction. “Silence in Stereo”
Shift the Paradigm, “Cerebral Bore”
Sandy McKnight and the Idea, “Tangerine”
SubSlab, “Heaven Has a Heart of Stone”
Fulton County Family Band, “Just Wanna Play Part 1”
Lost Stooges, “Rest in Peace”
Ben Franklin Band, “Break the Chain”
Unknown artist, “Hot Blooded Man”
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Episode 15: Die, Covers, Die!!!


For your recording needs, visit our friend at RMR Services.


SUBMIT TO US: diecoversdie@gmail.com
VISIT US: diecoversdie.wordpress.com
Two Guys, “Teody”
Intelligent Television, “5th of June”
Mod Fiction, “Quit Stalling”
Shift the Paradigm, “Help a Friend Out”
Sandy McKnight, “Someone”
SubSlab, “Fall of a New Day”
Fulton County Family Band, “The Stream”
Zak, “Mixdown”
Lost Stooges, “Kicked Down”
Ben Franklin Band, “Starlight”
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Episode 14: Die, Covers, Die!!!


We might have yet another partner in our mission to deliver the finest in local original music. In the meantime, you can visit our CURRENT partner…Mr. Steve Russ, who runs RMR Services. He is the only recording service you will ever need.

SUBMIT SONGS: diecoversdie@gmail.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: diecoversdie.wordpress.com
Two Guys, “Hit the Wall”
Intelligent Television, “Give Up”
Mod Fiction, “Psyrcles”
Shift the Paradigm, “Bailey Jay”
Mr S., “You and Me Tonight”
Sandy McKnight and the Idea, “Somerville”
SubSlab, “Dream Catcher”
Frank Palangi, “Break the Chains”
Lost Stooges, “Not the Only One”
No Call No Show, “See Through”
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Looking Back at the Live Gigs

We had our first two live showcases on January 22 and 23. On the 22nd we did the revival of my acoustic miniseries CRAM at Professor Java’s. Then on the 23rd we had an electric show at the Low Beat. Here are my thoughts.

  1. The Low Beat show went awesome. There is really nothing different I would do about it, except that I should have MC’ed and introduced every band. That was my fault though; I was feeling very low energy and could not kick myself out of my funk. Still, a great time was had by all.
  2. Java’s was…another story. The performers were all great, but the venue is not ideal. First of all, we showed up and they didn’t even know they had a show booked that night, even though we have been talking to them about it for nearly two months. Second, some other guy showed up to host a karaoke gig in the other room! On top of the disorganization, Java’s is kind of out of the way, located on the end of Wolf Road near I-87. Most people don’t think of going to a coffee house on Fridays. Someone guided me toward doing the next gig at Tierra Coffee Roasters. This is the venue that was the Muddy Cup once upon a time, which is where I USED to host CRAM back in the day. It always had a good turnout. Why? Not only because of my advertising, but also because it was a better location.

Regarding the move to Tierra, there is one problem: they don’t have a PA, which means I need to supply one. I am beyond broke right now so, unless I got a successful crowdfunding campaign going, I won’t be able to do acoustic shows for a long time.

Then again, that’s not a bad thing. Think about it: for the acoustic bill, I have to get four performers. For the electric, I need to get three. On top of that, I have to spend the time booking AND promoting two shows per month. Right now, I just don’t have the time for that. Maybe I will by the time I save up enough to buy my own PA system?

All signs are pointing to putting CRAM on hiatus and focusing on the Low Beat showcases. I still have to think about it.

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