More News About the Podcast and the Live Shows

I have a non-profit organization interested in joining forces when Die Covers Die comes to the Low Beat. However, since they are super busy in November and December (not to mention I don’t think a lot of people will want to go out when their wallets are already drained from the holidays), we will not be having our live hard rock showcase until late January.

Having said that, I believe I will delay the debut of the show until November. I have two months’ worth of shows already recorded and enough material to probably get a third month, but the reason for the delay is to build more word of mouth and more excitement for the live shows.

Regarding the acoustic showcase, I don’t think we will be having anyone there to collect for the charity. Why? Because most people don’t expect to have to pay a cover charge when they go watch music at a coffee house. I mean…maybe we could have someone there as an OPTION, but not a necessity.

Last but not least (and this is really a minor point), I am going to switch the show’s format a bit. Instead of 15 songs per show, it will be only 10. Why? Well, this will make the submissions I get last a little longer. The first 8 shows have been recorded with track lists of 15 but, from show 9 onward, it will be only 10.

Those are the latest tidbits. More as it develops.


About diecoversdie

I am a podcast originating in Troy, NY. My goal is to wrest control of the music scene away from all the cover bands. Time to bring appreciation for original music back to the area!
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