First Show Has Been Recorded

I believe it was last Sunday I finished recording the show. Fifteen songs were uploaded. Now it is off to be normalized and edited so there aren’t these gigantic gaps of silence between host segments and songs. Some thoughts on what I have to do with the show:

1) Based on how submissions have slowed to a crawl, I should limit the show to maybe 10 songs. Otherwise I will wind up playing certain bands more than one time in a show because some artists have submitted WAY more than others.

2) Also considering the slow down in submissions, I should limit it to one podcast per week. Otherwise, after show 8…there will be a long stretch until show 9.

3) Originally I wanted to do nothing more during my speaking parts than say the name of the band, where they are from, song name and album name. However, after hearing that pattern for 15 songs, it got a bit dull. I need to think of something more to say. At this point, I have no idea what, but it will come to me.

Now that I think about it, maybe I could stick to 15 songs as long as I am doing one show per week. My problem is, as I briefly mentioned above, I have some bands that have sent in several albums’ worth of material while others have sent only 2-3 songs. I’d prefer to NOT repeat the same bands several shows in a row. Unfortunately, until the submissions increase, this may be what I have to do.

Well, all I can do is get the word out there and this repeating of the same artists won’t be an issue for very long. One good thing: I got 3 copies of the poster for the show, so I will be putting that up and hopefully getting swamped soon!


About diecoversdie

I am a podcast originating in Troy, NY. My goal is to wrest control of the music scene away from all the cover bands. Time to bring appreciation for original music back to the area!
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