How Did We Get Here?

Tonight I feel like rambling about why I think original music has fallen out of favor in this area. What follows is just my opinion and not gospel truth.

First of all, I think the public got sick of scenarios like this: you want to go out to your favorite bar, so you call your friends and agree to meet there at 8PM. So you go and find out there is a cover charge that night because several local bands are playing. You don’t WANT to pay a cover, but you had your heart set on going in. Eventually your worst fears are realized: you don’t know or like any of the bands on the bill. That leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and you decide to never go there again.

This leads directly into point two: venues got sick of losing money. After all, a business’s purpose is to generate business, right? So what they realize is, “Hey…those original bands drove people away but, when I booked the band that did all Zeppelin’s hits, the people came back because they know the songs and can feel good while singing along with them!” That is the key right there: the venues seek to give people what they want, and people want what they know.

I think these are the two main factors as to why original music has been mostly abandoned around here. What I don’t understand is this: for every song you know by heart now, there was a time in your life when you didn’t know A SINGLE WORD in that song, yet you allowed yourself to be open-minded to this new tune, and you fell in love with it.

Okay…so tell me: where’s that open-minded mentality now? Once upon a time you didn’t know “Stairway to Heaven,” but you gave it a chance. So why not give a listen to “Likeness” by Charmboy, or “Evil Fred” by Kev Brock, or even “Monday Morning, Carol” by yours truly? Where did your ability to love and embrace new music go?

Let’s try and get that accepting spirit back, Capital Region!


About diecoversdie

I am a podcast originating in Troy, NY. My goal is to wrest control of the music scene away from all the cover bands. Time to bring appreciation for original music back to the area!
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